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Historisches Museum der Pfalz Speyer
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Weinmuseum (The Wine Museum)


That the Palatinate and wine belong together, was something the Romans already knew. Most of the wine of that era they drank themselves but they did leave one bottle behind for us. That is how the Wine Museum came to have available for you to see the oldest, still-liquid grape wine in the world. It dates to 300 AD and can be admired together with other treasures of viniculture in a gorgeously colorful room papered with coats of arms.

Pure Rhine Wine

Romans' Wine

The unique exhibits of the Wine Museum provide an insight into the cultural history of viniculture and local wine consumption over the past 2,000 years. The life and work of the vintners themselves stand in the center of the exhibition. Most of the exhibits come from the Palatinate but other regions of Germany have provided folkloric and outstandingly handcrafted  items. Large wine presses, barrels and old bottling equipment demonstrate how much work it takes before wine can reach the palate. 


Considering how much work it took to care for the grapes, vintners were never pleased to see anyone helping themselves to them. If someone was caught stealing, he was chased through the village with a shrew’s fiddle around his neck. At least, that is how it was done in Hassloch around 1790, as a shrew’s fiddle found there attests.

Big Equipment

The gigantic wine press from 1727 and the large 5,000 liter barrels have been in the Museum for 100 years. When the museum building was built in 1910, these items stood on the same spot and have, since then, never been moved. Back then, the Wine Museum became the first publicly accessible exhibition of its kind. Since then, the Wine Museum has undergone several changes. The most recent occurred in 2009, when the exhibition underwent a fresh and modern repackaging. With the friendly support of the VDP-Pfalz, it succeeded in integrating some new exhibits while the older, well-known ones were placed in a better light.

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